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A complete line of lubrication solutions and industrial pumping products

Lincoln provides technologically advanced pumps and the world’s best lubrication equipment required for today’s demanding applications. For more than a century, companies have relied on Lincoln’s technical and quality leadership.

Lincoln pumps excel in applications that range from the transfer of lighter fluids (oils, solvents, adhesives, etc.) to the movement of medium-viscosity materials (RTV silicone, greases, coatings, plastisols, offset inks, etc.) to the tough job of pumping very heavy-viscosity materials (ink flushes, epoxies, mastics, etc.).

Lincoln systems are found in diverse industries, including large processing plants, automotive manufacturing, pulp and paper mills, food and beverage and other manufacturing facilities.

Oil and gas platform in Norway. Energy industry. Petroleum exploration
Close up disassembled tractor reduction axle on modern tractor at agricultural engineering industry. Section of the tractors and combines assembly. Selective focus.

Quality Technology

From specialized lubricants to state­ of­ the ­art lubrication systems and lubrication management services, lubrication solutions can help to reduce lubrication related downtime and lubricant consumption.

At every construction site, automobile repair shop and industrial plant, maintenance and automotive service professionals need high-quality lubrication equipment and pumping products. Lincoln offers comprehensive lubrication solutions for every industry. Their general-purpose and heavy-duty pumps, hose reels, meters and controls, used fluid systems and hand-held lubrication products are the best in the industry.

Industrial Pumping and Lubrication Equipment

PowerMaster® III Pumps

powermaster 3 lincoln

Building upon our success with standard drum pumps, we have taken their design into the 21st century with completely pneumatic, modular air motors and six-inch stroke pumps for greater material output. Accessories include an AirBrake option for prevention of pump runaway due to an empty container, a broken supply line or other loss of pump prime. A variety of packing materials ensures correct packing based on material compatibility.

PileDriver® III Pumps

piledriver3 lincoln

For high-volume applications of viscous materials from standard drums or bulk tanks, these industry-standard pumps incorporate the same completely pneumatic, modular air motors. Along with the AirBrake option and a wide variety of packing materials, PileDriver III pumps feature a patented leakless gland design that protects the pump from gland seal failure and subsequent downtime for replacement.

General Lubrication Equipment

lincoln grease gun
Lincoln offers everything you need for lubrication. Our general-purpose and heavy-duty pumps, hose reels, meters and controls, used fluid systems and hand-held lubrication products are the best in the industry. The General Librication Equipment on offer includes grease guns, pumps for oil and grease, diaphragm pumps, transfer equipment and a complete line of accessories.

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Innovative Thinking Producing Significant Results

Dating back to 1965, Air Flo Spray Equipment continues to provide advanced material dispensing equipment to all of our customers in the Midwest and across the United States of America.
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