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Time based dosing

Dispensing unit must be near the part. Maximum distance 0 – 3 mm. Flow speed can be controlled with slight speed variations. Amount dependent on opening time.

Volumetric dosing

Dispensing unit must be near the part. Maximum distance 0 – 3 mm). Amount dependent on valve setting. Precise total amount dosing for every dosing cycle. Flow speed is uncontrolled.

** For high viscosity medium like grease or paste, all information are needed. For low viscosity medium like oil only the size of the conveying tank is needed. Options are: 1, 2, 5, 12, 25, 40 liters

Project Type

Applications technic

Used medium 1

Used medium 2

Description of the part(s) and location(s) that need medium treatment

Example: (position, needed distance to the valve and type of application needed)

Description of the complete system \ subassembly or components

(Function description, sequence description, distance supply > valve, needed hose length, article numbers)

Interface descriptions:

(Connection to other devices, controls, pumps …)

Needed process control:

Flat, even application picture. Distance variable. Different forms possible. Not all media are suitable for spraying.
Time based dosing

Medium dot will be shot over distance. High frequencies and different dot sizes possible. Not all mediums are suitable for pulsing.

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